25 BEST Dutch Foods To In Love With The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a land of many wonders, and one of them is its cuisine. From the traditional to the surprising, there’s a lot to love about Dutch Foods, and here are 25 of the best ones!

The Netherlands is the country of wooden shoes, cheese, and windmills.

But, there is a lot to it, more than that!

hills and lakes dotting the landscape everywhere.


Foods are so delicious that you’ll be wondering why The Netherlands is still on your untapped list of dream destinations.

Oh, and on top of that, the Dutch love their food, and rightfully so!

The Netherlands is known for being a haven of deliciousness.


But let’s be honest: that’s just the tip of the ice burg.

There are so many more delights waiting for you in Amsterdam and beyond.

The Dutch haveFrikandellen,,,,Stamppot,,,,Stroopwafels,,,,andBitterballen- 但是你曾经尝试过#23

It’s so savory; you’ll want to eat it from breakfast till dinner!

So, if you want to try out something new this week or just want an excuse to visit The Netherlands, check out the following 25 Dutch foods that will make you love the country!

Poffertjes are Dutch pancakes made from the batter (usually yeast-risen) and fried in a special pan.

They’re pretty much one of the most lovely things ever invented.

They’re also sweet, fluffy, and delicious, but what makes them so special is that they’re served withpowdered sugar



味道丰富而丰盛,potatoesadd a nice touch of sweetness that cuts through all the savory notes.

We recommend serving this with a piece of crusty or sourdough bread to soak up the deliciousness!

The Dutch New Herring with Green Bean Salad recipe has a lot going on but in a good way!


And the whole thing is added with some thinly sliced veggies for contrast and texture.


These fried cheese pastries are a delicious way to eat your cheese!

The first thing you’ll notice is the warm and buttery pastry, which is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.


And finally, there’s a little bit of crunch from some extra面包屑在上面。

It’s so light, fluffy, and flavorful; it’s pretty much heaven in every bite!

Want to get your day started with a BANG?

Then you need to try Ontbijtkoek!


The batter is also moist, sweet, and fluffy with a texture like cinnamon rolls but without all of the extra sugar.



The traditional sweet, spongy treat is made even sweeter by the addition of caramelized sugar syrup, which gives each bite a sweet, toffee-like flavor.

And each bite has just enough sugary goodness to keep you coming back for more.

Combine that with the rich taste of coffee (and maybe an added dash of salt), and you have an amazing treat!

We’re so excited to share this recipe for Boerenkaas Soep (Dutch Farmer’s Cheese Soup)

它是用奶油制成的Gouda cheese,这给它带来了您会喜欢的鲜明味道。

It also has that beautiful texture and smoothness that will feel incredible in your mouth, any day of the year.


,只有几个简单的成分,还可以吧te it at home!

Stamppot是一种传统的荷兰菜,占用土豆的泥土风味,kale,,,,and milk and combines them into a hearty dish.

And let us tell you: its flavor is out of this world!

It’s so rich and creamy, yet far from being too heavy—it will really hit all the right notes for you.

And if you add some sausage or bacon to it?

Forget about it!

We’re telling you, you HAVE to try this dish if you haven’t already!

The Huzarensalade (Dutch Potato Salad) is a creamy and flavorful dish that’s so good that it’s hard to stop eating it!

It also tastes unique but still familiar enough to be comforting.

醋给它带来了浓郁的踢,蛋黄酱adds creaminess without being too overwhelming on your stomach.


If you’re searching for a simple, delicious cake recipe, this Boterkoek (Dutch Butter Cake) is the one for you!

The flavor is similar to a pound cake or rich bread pudding baked in a cake pan.


And it tastes sweet but hardly enough to give you that intense sugar rush you usually get from your typical cake recipes!

For anyone who wants something to snack on while watching TV or waiting for the pizza guy, these Bitterballen (Dutch Meatball) might hit the spot.

They’re small, crunchy, and they’re juice inside.

They’re basically deep-fried balls of ground beef,onion,,,,and spices—and they’re the perfect way to satisfy any craving without going overboard.


You can eat them as-is with a dip or sauce of your choice, use them as a base for homemade nachos, or add them to pasta sauce as an extra meat boost!

Groningen Mustard Soup is a hearty and warming soup, and it’s very different from any soup you’ve ever tried before!

The crisp tart-tangy taste comes from the combination of onion and mustard.


And then, there’s a sweetness from the onions that balances out all of those flavors and makes them work together perfectly!

Appeltaart is a tart with a sweet, crumbly crust and delicious apple filling, and it’s popular in The Netherlands during the holiday season.


The light brown sugar gives it a bit of caramel flavor, and thecinnamonadds a bit of spice that makes it different from other desserts.

Plus, it has soft sugar tones, so you can eat it with ice cream or whipped topping (or both)!

We know what you’re thinking: “Sure, they sound great when you read it, but what does an Aardappel Kroketten actually taste like?”

Well, the taste is luscious but light and hardly greasy at all.


Basically, it tastes like sitting by the fireplace with your family on Christmas Eve while the kids wait for Santa Claus to come down the chimney with gifts for everyone under the tree.

Macaroni Schotel is a dish that’s so simple yet so satisfying.



This dish is also a meal in itself, but if you’re feeling extra hungry, it pairs well with a side of toast or大蒜面包


The meatballs are so tender and juicy that you’ll be savoring every bite.

And the veggies are crisp and fresh!

Plus, the broth has just the right amount of saltiness to make your taste buds happy.


The Dutch Frikandellen recipe is the perfect way to celebrate your love of all things meat-based.

These fried sausages are made of pork, chicken, and beef mixed in for good measure.

他们有一个味道very succulent but not overpowering.

They also have a crispy exterior and tender interior that’s bursting with flavor from the spices.


Oh man, it’s paradise on earth!

bucketstaaf是由puff pastry,这是一个非常轻的面团,用酵母“膨化”并烘烤,直到形成可以将其拉入薄床单的层。

When you bite into the pastry, the layers become crisp and flaky, while the inside stays soft and chewy.



Pasteitje Met Ragout is basically a fancy way of saying “crepey bun with stew.”




That’s where all the magic happens.


This is one dish you’ll want to eat every day, and trust us; you’ll have to go a long time before getting tired of it!

Desserts are also a big part of Dutch culture, and they’re quite known for it, especially pastries like this Dutch Pear Pie which is filled with fresh fruit inside its flaky shell.


And the taste of the pears is enhanced by baking them in sugar andlemon juice,,,,which caramelizes them to create a crispy outer shell around their tender flesh.


These Lekkerbekjes (Dutch Deep Fried Fish) sandwiches are one of the ultimate comfort Dutch foods.

他们与面包一起吃tartare sauce,,,,which gives this dish its big punch of umami flavor—that savory taste that’s hard to describe but you know when you’ve got it.


The fish itself is also light and flaky, so it won’t weigh down your stomach at all after eating one or two of these sandwiches!


It’s made with real apples, and the flavor is just really incredible!

The dough has a nice cinnamon kick that’s enough to give you that warm feeling inside.

And when you bite into it, you will notice how light and fluffy this apple bread is.

It almost melts in your mouth!

Plus, it’s got a soft crust with small chunks ofapplestrewn throughout.


Hachee is a Dutch stew made with beef and onion.

It’s traditional comfort food for the Dutch, who love it over rice ormashed potatoes和酸菜。

The taste of Hachee is hearty, with a hint of sweetness from the onions.


肉中有很多温柔和果汁,酱汁具有出色的稠度 - 厚,但仍然轻。

It has a complex taste but is far from overpowering.

And the spices in this dish work together harmoniously to create an overall flavor that is just right for those who love savory foods!



The texture is also smooth and creamy, making for an easy-to-eat experience every time.

It’s hard to believe how much flavor can come from such a small package!

These delicious Dutch sausage rolls are sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

They’re perfect for any event, from a family get-together to a party with friends.

The best thing about Dutch Sausage Rolls is their flavor.

The dough has a buttery, flaky texture, and the sausage filling has just enough spice to keep things interesting without being too salty and peppery.

You can also change up the filling by adding different spices or ingredients, depending on your preferences.

The bottom line

The Netherlands is a foodie heaven with its many different kinds of cuisine.

From herring to cheese, meat, and pastries, you can find food in the Netherlands to satisfy every taste bud.

And if you’re already into Dutch food, this compilation of recipes might make you fall in love with the Netherlands a little more.

But, if you have never tasted Dutch food before, this collection might just be what you need to make that decision!

Now, let your taste buds get to know these 25 original dishes from The Netherlands!

Top 25 Best Dutch Foods

Top 25 Best Dutch Foods



  • Poffertjes(荷兰迷你煎饼)
  • Erwtensoep (Dutch Split Pea Soup)
  • Matjesherring Green Bean Salad
  • Kaassoufflé (Dutch Fried Cheese Pastries)
  • Ontbijtkoek (Dutch Breakfast Cake)
  • Dutch Stroopwafels
  • Boerenkaas Soep (Dutch Farmer’s Cheese Soup)
  • Stamppot(荷兰国家菜肴)
  • Huzarensalade (Dutch Potato Salad)
  • Boterkoek (Dutch Butter Cake)
  • Bitterballen (Dutch Meatballs)
  • Groningen Mustard Soup
  • Appeltaart(荷兰苹果蛋t)
  • Aardappel Kroketten (Dutch Potato Krokets)
  • Macaroni Schotel (Dutch Macaroni and Cheese)
  • Groentesoep遇到Balletjes(荷兰蔬菜汤With Meatballs)
  • Dutch Frikandellen (Dutch Sausage)
  • Banketstaaf (Dutch Christmas Log Pastry)
  • Pasteitje Met Ragout (Dutch Puff Pastries With Chicken Mushroom Ragout)
  • Dutch Pear Pie
  • Lekkerbekjes (Dutch Deep Fried Fish) In A Bun With Tartare Sauce
  • Dutch Apple Bread
  • Hachee (Dutch Beef & Onion Stew)
  • Orange Tompouche (Dutch Pastry)
  • Saucijzenbroodjes (Dutch Sausage Rolls)


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