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12 Green Cocktails: The Most Colorful Greeny Beverages Around!

Green cocktailsadd a touch of celebratory fun to any holiday or themed party. While many green drink recipes are available, this comprehensive list includes twelve of the best.

Many green alcoholic beverages are named for famous green characters like theGrinch Cocktailand theWicked Witch Cocktailof the West.

Whether you’re looking for a green alcoholic drink for your next party or something fun and festive for the kids, we’ve got you covered.

绿色鸡尾酒通常由使用绿色liquors or juices, mixing two liquids to produce the green color, or adding green food color to the beverage.

They’re perfect forHalloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, or a variety of other specific party themes, just like#8.

Looking for the perfect green mixed drink?

Keep reading for the most colorful green beverages around!

Halloween is a perfect time to try mixing a few green-colored drinks.

Green liquors can help produce the green color in most cocktails without extra food color.

This Wicked Witch cocktail is tasty and a bit mysterious.

The cocktail is bright green, and it is made by combining vodka, Midori, and blue curacao.

It’s often topped with a maraschino cherry, but to make it more Halloween-focused, try topping the beverage with spooky candies likeeye-ball bubble gum.

The Grinch is arguably Dr. Suess’s most iconic character, and during the Christmas season, Grinch movies and toys are plentiful.

So why not add a specialty Grinch cocktail to your Christmas party menu?

The green in this Grinch cocktail is produced by adding Midori, a green liqueur with a sweet, light melon flavor.

To make it kid-friendly, you could use almost any type of light green juice in place of the alcohol.

The green color in this Irish Wake is produced by mixing blue curacao and freshly squeezed orange juice.

The Irish Wake was made famous by McGuire’s Irish Pub.

The mixture includes white and gold rums and Bacardi 151 in addition to the two key “green” ingredients.

While easily made at home, if you do visit McGuire’s Irish Pub and order an Irish Wake, you’ll get a keepsake thirty-two-ounce glass container with a drawing on the front that changes every year.

Should pair nicely with our list ofCrowd-Pleasing Irish Appetizers!

A screwdriver is a popular brunch beverage combining orange juice and vodka.

For a fun twist on a breakfast party, add a shot of blue curacao to turn things green.

To make the green even more present, add a drop of green food coloring as well!

Similarly, the other popular brunch cocktail – a mimosa – can easily turn green with the same small additions, either a small amount of curacao or a drop or two of green food coloring.

It’s a perfect, easy way to turn your St. Patrick’s Day brunch into something extra special.

The green and creamy cocktail called the Grasshopper made its first appearance in 1918 in New Orleans.

The creator of the cocktail, Philibert Guichet, owned a restaurant in Crescent City.

Ever since he created the award-winning green cocktail, it has been a menu staple at Tujague’s Restaurant.

这是一个混合薄荷甜酒,可可甜酒, andheavy cream.

The drink’s color comes from the spirits included in it with no extra additives.

The Green Hawaiian cocktail mixes vodka, lemon-lime soda, coconut rum, blue curacao, and pineapple juice.

It is a fun play on a Blue Hawaiian, just without the cream of coconut.

The mixture of the blue curacao and thepineapplejuice create the light green color of the cocktail.

This is another one that’s easy to make kid-friendly by replacing the blue curacao with a blue tropical punch.

The Hammered Hulk cocktail is named after the Marvel Comic Character – a notoriously large green monster when angry.

Try mixing coconut rum, Midori, and blue curacao for this bright drink.

Then grab yourpopcornand invite some friends over to have a Marvel movie marathon!

An Emerald Sunrise cocktail is a delicious version of the classic Tequila Sunrise.

To make this green alcoholic beverage, start by mixing a Tequila Sunrise but exchange blue curacao for the traditional grenadine.

The mixture oftequila, orange juice, and blue curacao contributes to the green color of the cocktail.

If you’re a budding home bartender, this is a great one to have in your arsenal without having to learn an entirely new recipe.

The Green Goblin cocktail is a tremendous martini-style alcoholic beverage to make during Halloween.

Many people associate the Green Goblin with Spiderman comics and movies since he is one of the primary villains.

Otherwise, a green goblin might be a scary creature of lore – perfect for a spooky party.

The cocktail is a mixture of dark rum, pineapple juice,lemon juice, blue curacao, and lemon-lime soda.

This Matcha Green Cocktail combines gin, Monin mint, Monin honey syrup, freshlime juice, and matcha green tea powder.

Add a decorative mint leaf and orange slice, and you’ll have one of the tastiest, most unique green-colored drinks of your life.

Thematchapowder is the key ingredient that leads to the green color of the beverage.

Many bartenders agree that the drink is best served after being strained.

The Green Lady is a classy cocktail with an unmistakable emerald hue.

The cocktail combines green curacao, one part gin, one part lemon juice, and two dashes of pastis.
Pastis is a French apéritif with a distinct anise flavor, similar to licorice.

This straightforward cocktail has a bit of an acquired taste, which makes it a “cult favorite” with a large group of people.

We couldn’t complete our list without adding the classic St. Patrick’s Day green beer!

From Boston to Baton Rouge and from New York to Dublin, Ireland, green beer is the all-day choice for those celebrating the holiday with an alcoholic beverage.

Most recipes call for a light pilsner or light lager mixed with green food coloring.

However, you can also make a shandy green – a mixture of beer and lemonade.

To make it green, add a shot of blue or green curacao to thelemonadebefore combining the mix.

The bottom line

Colorful drinks are a fun way to impress guests and enjoy a tasty cocktail.

Whether you want a non-alcoholic version of the Green Hawaiian for a backyard barbecue or The Grinch Cocktail for your next Christmas party, these green drinks will add a lot of fun, whimsy, and flair to any event.

Have a great time with your friends or family creating these different shades of green cocktails!

12 Green Cocktails

12 Green Cocktails

Looking for the perfect green mixed drink? Green cocktails add a touch of celebratory fun to any holiday or themed party, this fantastic list includes twelve of the best!


  • Wicked Witch Cocktail
  • Grinch Cocktail
  • Irish Wake
  • Green Screwdriver
  • Grasshopper
  • Green Hawaiian
  • Hammered Hulk
  • Emerald Sunrise
  • Green Goblin
  • Matcha Green Cocktail
  • Green Lady


  1. Choose one or more options from our list of green cocktails here!
  2. Gather all the alcohol and ingredients.
  3. Create your new favorite boozy drink!
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